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Our History and Mission


Hawai'i Island Home for Recovery, formerly known as Faith Against Drugs, has been providing homeless services to Hawaii County for over eighteen years. In 2002, Faith Against Drugs obtained funding from the Housing and Community Development Corporation of Hawaii (HCDCH). In 2007, HIHR's Transitional Shelter Program (TSP), was incorporated into the initial service programs offered. This program has been maintained consistent operation through 2020, and we expect to continue providing this service well into the future. HIHR expanded its selection of housing programs in 2011, when funding was secured for multiple permanent Supportive Housing Programs (PSH) via HUD's Continuum of Care initiative. HIHR added the In-House Community Kitchen and Food Pantry Program in 2011, which increases the well-being and quality of life for all of the residents by providing access to certified cooking facilities for independent use and supplemental food rations. As a result, HIHR has a long standing history and a high level of expertise in assisting chronically and non-chronically homeless individuals to overcome their multiple barriers, including substance abuse disorders, mental illnesses, and/or physical health problems to become housed and self-sufficient. Through the above listed programs, as well as our Pantry Food Service Program, HIHR has successfully exited 75% of Transitional Shelter Participants into permanent housing.

HIHR provides housing services by employing evidence-based and low barrier service models, harm reduction techniques, and participates in Bridging the Gap's Coordinated Entry System and HMIS. Our experienced approach includes helping our participants obtain and maintain permanent housing, improve their skills, increase their personal income, enhance self-determination for pursuing their individual life goals and dreams, and reduced barriers to housing by implementing the Housing First model. The entirety of this program is focused on providing housing with an integrated system of services that ensure the achievement of its goals and objectives and the independence of our participants.

To ensure that the needs of our participants are met, we ensure that our organization has a welcoming atmosphere, a low client-to-staff ratio, and thorough assessment to create Individual Service Plans (ISPs) for each resident that is tailored to their situation and needs. For residents willing to participate, the program provides and/or coordinates access to an array of services to achieve their specific goals. The services offered include: case management, job training and placement, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, primary healthcare, parenting support, life skills training, housing resources, entitlements and other financial supports, domestic violence services, other social services, recreational activities, and spiritual supports. HIHR is a wholesome living environment with engaged, caring staff and effective programming that actively promotes paths to housing security and success in adult individuals. This environment supports residents with the time and services needed to: stabilize their lives, identify and address the problems that have led to their becoming homeless, and build healthy networks of supportive people and services in the community.

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