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Our Facilities

Our offices and residences are located at 440 Kapiolani Street in Hilo, across from the St. Joseph's school gymnasium. 

Our facility consists of 43 single occupancy rooms split between male and female dormitories. We also have a full commercial kitchen and two additional smaller kitchens available for use by residents, a food garden, various indoor and outdoor sitting areas, and a large yard area where you can enjoy the sunshine and positive energy.

Our facilities are fully ADA compliant for any clients or potential clients with disabilities.


What does living at HIHR look like?

  • HIHR's rooms are completely private single occupancy rooms with approximately 126 Square feet of space, and include a bed, storage space, microwave oven, sink, and mini refrigerator.

  • There are communal showers and toilets in the style of a dormitory on each floor, with first floor facilities being ADA compliant for individuals with disabilities.

  • In addition, our property boasts a certified commercial kitchen and two additional secondary kitchens available for participant use for meal preparation. There are also two dining halls, as well as outdoor eating and recreation areas freely available for participant use. Due to COVID-19, indoor dining is limited for social distancing protocols.

  • The property also has administrative offices, meeting and recreation rooms, a small library, and a large private courtyard with gardening areas on site for staff and participants to use as needed. The garden currently has kalo, pineapples, rosemary, papayas, and avocados growing.

  • Staff are on site during regular business hours, as well as being available on call to assist residents as necessary during nights and weekends.

  • Our facility is located by the police station in Hilo, as well as within walking distance to a variety of shops downtown and other community agencies that assist individuals struggling with homelessness.

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